I've been pondering over the idea of Hack3r Radio for a while now since I've heard the occasional mention of it in the past. My dream/goal/whatever for Hack3r radio is this:

24 hour radio including (say, 30 min) slots for:
o Music
o prerecorded lectures
o live DJs
o live lectures
(live DJs and lectures possibly able to skype/phone/whatever in?)

To get this up and running, I figure we will need:
o prerecorded lectures, preferably about 15-30 min, 60 min max
o someone(s) willing to DJ music live occasionally (say a 2-3 times a week)

April 10th is finally here. The team wargames are ready to go. We still have not been able to determine if we can handle all of the 5 teams signed up, but we can guarantee 4 teams. We have a few heatsinks to try hopefully one of them works. We're asking the captains to be on IRC around 8 PM Pacific. We will have about an hour or so to chat and welcome everyone to the games, prepare your challenge package per team, and then we will begin.

Just though since a lot of information needs to be pulled out of s0kket and I's heads, that we would start a Q&A thread.

So, ANY questions you have about the upcoming Team Games, ask right here.

I hope that many of you recognize the time of year this is. April 1, 2008 is the day we lost Epic/Bobby/.. And to me.. Robert.

I understand I’m the only female in hack3r and I tend to be emotional but I wanted to take a moment to pause, to reflect, remember and grieve my loss. I miss my friend, as I’m sure you all do.

A year ago today was the last day I talked to Robert, ... and if I could turn the clocks back I would but as it is, I’m stuck with reality.

The Solo Wargames are back online and ready for action. The old games were running on an old version of SLES that could not be patched, etc.

The current games have been moved over to newer OS's, so we can keep them updated and running smoothly.

HUGE thanks to lattera, aksnowman, Plasmatonic, and z3x for basically getting these back up and running for us!!